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★ F1 Race is a racing video game released in 1984 for the Family Computer in Japan. A version was released in 1990 for the Game Boy in Japan and in 1991 in Europe and North America, which included the Four Player Adapter for four-player gameplay.
Development of F1 Race was handled by Japanese video game designer Satoru Iwata, alongside a small team at his company HAL Laboratory. Production of the game began shortly after the completion of Golf, and was in development alongside several other Famicom titles such as Pinball, Mach Rider and Balloon Fight. In a 1999 interview with Used Games magazine, Iwata recalled the game being a challenge to produce; F1 Race was the first Famicom game to feature raster scrolling, a feature that was not automatically built into the system, leading to him and his team having to program it from scratch. It was developed based on Iwata’s personal love for racing games, which would become influential in his later projects such as the Mario Kart series and F-Zero. It was published by Nintendo and released in Japan on November 2, 1984.

A Game Boy version of F1 Race was published in Japan on November 9, 1990, in North America on February 3, 1991, and in Europe on October 10, 1991. The conversion was developed by Nintendo Research & Development 1 (R&D1) and designed by Naotaka Onishi, with music by Ryo Yoshiyoshi Ninohe and programming by Kenji Imai. Retitled F-1 Race, it allows for four-person multiplayer via the Game Boy Four Player Adapter.
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